Believing in Provision

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:19 NASB


Let the saving’s begin

Last week Daniel and I achieved a great accomplishment. We cleaned off one credit card, and froze it in a block of ice so that we wouldn’t use it anymore. It’s really surprising what one purchase on a credit card can accumulate over a period of time, even when you were going to pay it off when you got home. Points cards are great, however I find them some what of a trap, we have one that you can receive money back towards new purchases or the balance on the card. Last year around this time we had it all paid off but noticed that we had a credit amount on the card and decided to add a small purchase, well we should have frozen it then.

So for all of you that are wondering this is what we did.

Step 1: 

Take your credit card place in a small seal-able bag.

 Frozen Credit 1

Step 2:

Fill a container 1/2 full of water (why half full you ask?) You will see.

Frozen Credit 2

As you can see from this picture the credit cards in the bag float so thus freezing 1/2 way through the process.

Step 3: 

Fill the container almost all the way full again and Voila frozen credit card in the middle of an ice block.

Now to use the credit card you need to wait at least 24 hours until the ice melts to get to it. Actually you may need to wait longer for this size of a container, which really gives you time to think about your purchase and decide is this a need or a want.

Fill me in on how you save money.