Believing in Provision

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:19 NASB

A Breath of Fresh Air


Well I have to say that I love when God’s word is like a breath of fresh air. Especially when you are just feeling overwhelmed.

I will finish updating you on the previous blog as Daniel and I did find a new car. I always find it how God seems to work out all of these little details for His glory.

The day of the accident we went and took a look at a $1000.00 car.  We got there and it wouldn’t start (not a great sign), got it started and took it for a short drive and Daniel says nope this isn’t it. We really were not in any kind of state of mind to make a decision on a car anyway.  So we decided we needed to wait for the car God was going to provide.

The next day while at the lake a friend says other friends of ours have a car just up the road from you guys. So we decided we would keep it in mind.

I really knew that God had a plan and that we just had to wait and be patient and it would work itself out.

Last spring Daniel had driven over a hitch that had fell off the truck ahead of him and damaged the transmission of his car. At that time they didn’t want to give us very much for his car, he managed to convince them to let him fix the car. This year after his accident they gave us $1000.00 more than they were going to give us last year for the car.

Earlier in the week we went to see the car that friends of ours up the road had for sale. We took it for a drive and really liked this car. There was a rejection sticker on it, however it seemed to be an easy fix. They wanted $1000.00 for it. We didn’t want to make any decisions until we knew if we could afford it as we were still waiting on the insurance company.

When the insurance company called Daniel to let him know what they were going to give us he quickly realized that with the little bit of extra money, we could pay off his student loan.

So all in all God has still amazed me in this whole situation, I really didn’t expect to get very much for his car let alone enough extra to pay off a loan. Praise the Lord!! God is Good all the time!!

Today I was reminded yet again of my life verse, as I looked at a website that I had just been given to look at. At the top of the page I was viewing I found Phil 4:19 “And my God will meet all of your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

It was a breath of fresh air for me. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged over something simple like the unexpected cost of another fee. However knowing that we are in God’s will, and that he will provide I am able to recall James 1:2 “consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” (NIV)

Just like God has provided more than I could have imagined through this I wait to see what He has in store for us next.




Author: ohiogirlkrista

I am an Island girl from Prince Edward Island Canada. My husband and I are on an adoption journey that we would have never expected. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul and strength. My hope for this blog is that you would be encouraged by how God is providing for all our needs, through adoption and beyond. This blog is to show the journey that we have come through, and the journey that we are on.

3 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Thank you for sharing, Krista! And for your faith esp in the tough stuff of life! Look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. This is exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been worrying about some petty things that I need to let God take control of. His way is always better than mine 🙂

  3. Wow, what a story! He is Jehovah Jireh -the Provider!

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